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Ububli Graphic Novel

UBUBLI: A graphic novel

In which the last two specimens of an extinct Amazonian rainforest species are taken to New York where they discover an astonishing musical ability that changes the course of history. This got as far as a pencil version before exhaustion and ennui set in, but there are some good pages as you will see if you watch it develop,...(a new page is added each week...)

The End of UBUBLI : With the insertion of Pages 24,25,26 and 27, we reach the clearing in the jungle where the Ububli trail finally petered out. I remember roughing out a few more pages, including a sequence where, as the cry of the Ububli transforms the city dwellers, and as Tweed Herzog hurtles to his doom, the all-powerful and ruthless showbiz agent Art Milkhandler has his own heart surgically refrigerated and insulated against any inconvenient warmth. All good clean fun, and I'm sorry it never took off.