BodPod came out of the Nutcracker experience which had shown me what computers in the right hands could do. Mick "Right Hands" Harper came from the team at John Cary Films that had made the Captain Pugwash series, worked with software called Lightwave, and impressed me mightily. He had found a way to avoid the clichéd computer textures, those awful plastic sheens, that sickly machine-made gloss, getting a flatter, more graphic finish which sat happily alongside traditional cel animation.

So, after the crimpolines and talc had settled on the Nutcracker affair, Mick and I began developing the BodPod character, at first as the Lead in a comic book, then, as circumstances changed around us, as an animated series. That initiative also stalled, and with a script from the gifted and tenacious Hester Schofield, BodPod bravely Donned Feature dimensions.

What you will see in this section is the pre-production work, not normally visible until the "Making Of" stage of a successful Studio-produced feature. I'm always intrigued by how projects, World-beating or World-defeated, assume their final shape and I hope you will be too.

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