I’m in about five minds about this one.There’s quite a bit of nice stuff in here, but also much that starts the sweat of shame. To reduce it all to a brief summary, the animation drawing was competent at best, distorted and amateur at worst. Having waited for the best part of a decade for the idea to become real, I’m afraid I was ready, even happy, to compromise for a result.

Looking back some years after its broadcast, I can only regret that I didn’t throw Teddy out of the pram. But had Teddy hit tarmac, it would have meant tears and a fruitless decade. On the positive side, there was Mick Harpers work in the 3D department which did lead to BodPod, and that dread beast...the learning experience....deep sigh....

What we’ve assembled here are lots of pre-production roughs and final production drawings...also some very early ideas, some quite finished, that show the gradual metamorphosis of a project. What is also apparent, I hope, is the vast amount of necessary work that goes into an animated film that is never seen.

The film was broadcast on ITV (London) on Friday 28th December 2001.


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