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Exhibit Photo 1
Exhibit Photo

At the opening of the “Impressions “ exhibition.That’s me iIn the middle with the (then ) boss of the Cultural Centre, Radule
Boskovic on the left, his wife, far right, and the gent with the red tie, the Cultural Attache for the region. The space was a large foyer to the theatre where the festival concerts were taking place. This was where, on the following night, I was to meet Zoran Janjetov and where the whole Suba Saga was to begin.





After the concerts each evening , there would be a less formal Jam session in another venue where drink would flow and the vibe would begin to loosen. Here is the tireless Vesna on Hour !6 of her day, keeping me ( on the right ) and, I think I remember, two German Festival Guests, in a happy and well-fuelled state.

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