Not the great multi-award-winning, much-copied, never-bettered, highly Influential online/cross-media cult cartoon classic “The Websters”?? Not the one that boasted the voice talents of Rameses II, Mel Blanc, the Comte de St Germain and Slim Gaillard??? Not the one with the score by Leonard Bernstein and played by the Vienna Philharmonic, with the famous guest appearance of Captain Beefheart singing "Tucumcari" through a mango and banana smoothie?????

No...not that one...this is the one that never left the drawing board. This falls into that over-crowded category “Seemed like a good idea at the time…”, a Cartoon series set in cyberworld and starring Anthropomorphic Websites… Or Front People.

Hearts raced and dreams flared as the possibilities unfolded. And then………….hearts and dreams changed down a gear or two and the Enterprise slowly, slowly came to a halt. We dolly back……We fade to Black….. >
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The Websters