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Hermeto Pascoal


He plays live pigs, for God’s sake and squeezes music out of damp shirts. What is this? Don’t they have instruments in Brazil…? Of course they do, and Hermeto plays them, every one ……he’s just got this thing about tea-pots, watering-cans, string, farmyard animals and other unmentionables . He swam into my ken on the early Airto LP “Seeds on the Ground“ and I’ve been following him in a sort of daze ever since, currently mesmerised by “esta dos Deuses“. He’s not a man , he’s a volcano .

LINK(From the article by Bruce Gilman for Brazzil dated March 2000 and titled “Suba, the Work of an Avant-Gardist“)


“A few years ago,“ says (Joao) Parahyba, “I went to the studio and recorded twelve percussion tracks, just rhythms. Afterwards, Suba destroyed these twelve pieces, and we rebuilt them in electronic reprocessed samples. He made a playback of these that we took to a theatre with all our instruments and we played on top of this again, live. I played all percussion and Suba rebuilt live on top of this with effects. It was an extraordinary successful balance of live electronic music and conscientious ensemble playing. Everything live again on top of this! The results and breakthroughs were exhilarating.

 “We toured the universities with these pieces for four months in 1997. I remember students sitting on the grass at night under a very big, full moon. It was completely magic and crazy. Hermeto (Pascoal) worked with us on that tour, which was funny, because in the beginning, Hermeto just looked at us like he was wondering what was going on with these two guys. And then when he realised that this was a language very close to his own, one that liberated the composer and made it possible for him to use any sound whatsoever, he started to do amazing things together with us, always funny things. He and Suba became very, very good friends.”



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