Richard Estes

      A newcomer to the list , found on one of our infrequent holidays , possibly in the Thyssen Museum in Madrid. I bought a large poster of his work there , a painting of a row of phonebooths.As with the vast majority of his work that I discovered when researching him , the phonebooth piece turns what might be thought an unexciting corner of an urban landscape into a beautiful and fascinating geometry.On close inspection , I could see that the paint had been applied much more loosely than I’d expected , while from further back the photo-realism remains pin-sharp and  somehow juicier and more alive than a photo could ever be.
      His work must be a nearly Sisyphean ordeal , demanding patience on an Olympic scale , not to mention the self belief of a mediaeval cathedral stonemason.The focus must be so close , so inch-by-inch , the  progress as slow as completing one of those 10,000 piece jigsaw puzzles. And yet the end result is always elegantly transcendent .  An inspiration indeed….. >