Moebius ( Jean Giraud )

  I judge it safe to say that, after Miles Davis, Moebius is the single most important inspiration to me and for my ambitions. When Ben Sidran interviewed Miles Davis,he asked him how Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie Parker had influenced him. Miles replied that “ they showed me it was OK to think that way.“
   This was much the effect Moebius’ work had on me, opening the door on a whole new realm of possibilities. His work is of such a consistently high standard, graphically, of course, and imaginatively, that I feel there is very little he can’t do. My friend Zoran Janjetov once told me that Moebius drew the extraordinary
70-page “40 days dans le desert B “ straight off in ink, freehand, without preparatory pencil drawing, saying that all that was needed was Concentration…..!!!!
In spite of his massive achievements in Bandes-Dessinees and Production design for such movies as “Tron”, “Alien”,and, more recently “The Fifth Element”, Moebius remains elusive both personally and on the Net.  
I met him twice, once in London when he drew in the title page of one of his books for me, ( shown here ), and once at the Angouleme festival.Last year I missed him at the Annecy animation Festival by about 25 minutes,where I was hoping to ask him to work on the second “Suba“ project. He’d been signing books in the Bonlieu, but when I arrived hot-handed from Geneva airport, he’d gone……… >