Steely Dan

Steely Dan : Such naughty boys ! If you didn't already know how devastatingly hip they were, you only had to check out the sort of musicians who were happy to work for them...Victor Feldman, Larry Carlton, Steves Gadd and Kahn, the Brecker Brothers, Bernard Purdie, Wayne Bloody Shorter, for Gods sake !!! My Steely intake started with " Pretzel Logic", went back to " Countdown to Ecstasy", then through "The Royal Scam" to " Aja" and "Gaucho". I also love Fagen's " Nightfly", but just to be a mite perverse, and Perverse is not Inappropriate, my favourite moment comes on " Green Earrings " (on "The Royal Scam" ), the guitar ( Carlton ? ) on the bridge between choruses 2 and 3...those smog-stained changes.distilled essence of L.A.hyper-cool...and although it is altogether too well-known for an DANorak like me, I think " Haitian Divorce" actually IS a masterpiece. Now we dolly back Now we fade to black >