Calvin and Hobbs

Calvin and Hobbes

   Searching for sites to recommend , I discovered that there was quite a C & H industry out there . Surprise,surprise ??? I had heard that Bill Watterson
Had refused to follow the well-beaten merchandise trail , a heroic , almost saintly gesture that drew cheers and a small bonfire ( with fireworks )  from me .    My son Toby bought me the Complete C & H , a boxed 3-volume set that calls for Schwartzennegger forearms to lift , and I’ve  just levered open Book Two to see how many pages it took to raise a chuckle.    First Page ! ……..never fails !    And the drawing……?  Oh so peachy keen !!  This is clearly a man with a  deep understanding of tigers , tobogganing , Zorch Converters , AND the arcane science of The Transmogrifier !!!  Respect !!! >