Miles Davis

Take one small,dark,intensely shy young trumpet player. Press him firmly against an Olympian genius ( Charlie Parker ) and lower into the cauldron of Bebop for the immediate postwar years.
    Extract and separate,then strain through a four-year  filter of heroin addiction.Then stand back and watch one of the glories of the Jazz come into his own.

     Much has been written about Miles,and it would be foolish to imagine that I can add any insights of real value.All I would say is Listen ! Listen to “There’s a boat that’s leaving soon for New York “ from “  Porgy and Bess “,and wonder at that sublime coda….,Listen to “Stella by Starlight” from the 1964 Lincoln Centre concert …..Listen to the astonishing textures that swirl and bubble in “Spanish Key” on “Bitches Brew”,recorded a mere 5 years later……Compare,contrast…and marvel… >