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Hugh Vaughan-Williams

Dear Alastair,

Virginia surprised itself this week by choosing Obama over Clinton. More ammunition for my theory that southerners are actually less race-conscious than northerners. I've seen more relaxed inter-racial frienships down here than I ever did in NY State. Talking of H. Clinton, There's a story doing the rounds about her, having finally achieved the Presidency, spending her first night as President in the White House. The ghost of George Washington appears to her. She is unfazed and says: "Tell me, Mr President, "how can I best serve my country. He replies:"Never tell a lie."

Then the ghost of Thomas Jefferson appears and she asks: "Tell me Mr Jefferson: how can I best serve my country? " He replies: "Always put the People first." Then Lincoln's ghost appears. She says:" "Tell me, Mr Lincoln : how can I best serve my country?" And he replies: "Go to the theatre". Next Wednesday I make my debut as a cyborg. I'm having a pacemaker/defibrillator implanted as a precaution against any arrhythmias. Not as alarming as it sounds, thank's done under local anaesthetic and I should be ok again within a day.