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Zoran Janjetov

Dear Alastair,


Pavic, you say? I remember buying his Khazar Dictionary (I hope that's what it's called in English) sometime back in the eighties, following a wave of recommendations from trusted friends and a media craze that surrounded the release. After reading the intro, I immediately dismissed the book as a dreaded Grups thing (in Trekkie-talk, Grups means grownups), and went back to Stephen King, to wash down the lingering taste of (shudder) culture that started festering inside me... someone got my copy as a birthday present very quickly. I never read anything he wrote since then, so I don't really know anything about his work.


Back in 95, I spent a few days with his son Ivan, at a Balkan Culture Festival in Thessaloniki. I remember him as a regular guy, no mystery about him... the only problem being the fact that we really had almost nothing interesting to talk about. Things became clear on the day we had nothing scheduled, so we could explore the city. The three of us comics-activists immediately raided the comic, toy and record stores, had some hot dogs & Cokes, while Ivan Pavic went to museums, exhibitions and (gasp) churches. He was into (double shudder) Grup culture, no pop at all! Zoran Janjetov


The festival itself was pretty cool for ethnic music fans, some big names were there, like The Trio Bulgarka (did something on a Kate Bush album) and the huge choir from 4AD's Le Mystere Des Voix Bulgares (covers by 23Envelope, of course). The most impressive performance came from some Albanian guys who did some deeply haunting aliquot throat singing, Mongolian style, only somehow much more goosebump-inducing (Suba would have loved them, had he been there...).


It's Brazil Weekend on FTV (Fashion Television) and they seem to play nothing but Suba (with some Bebel added). Whenever they want to combine Brazil with ultratrendy hipness, they play SP Confessions. I think you've got no worries about the patina of time covering S's music, not for a loooooong time. These days, Ive been trying to listen to Escalator Over The Hill, after a couple of decades' break. My god, I can't believe that I could sit through the whole thing when I was 16 (and enjoyed it immensely)! Now, I can't stand more than 4 minutes at a time... Brains DO seem to rewire over time...


Wat up over dere, dog?




Les Janjetovz


Ubelievable! An E from the Janjetovs!

Once again, no valid excuses for the radio silence, no force majeure, no big stuff going on, know...

Zawinul died in the meantime (or During the meanwhilst, as the Pythons would say). Shitshitshit. I feel like I lost a very close friend. Just a couple of days later, there was an interview show (with Syndicate playing, check out Manolo B's hairdo) on BBC 4, which I downloaded pronto, and kept watching for days, at least twice a day...

Still can't believe...

The Novi Sad Jazz Fest Thingy happened again a week ago, a pretty lukewarm affair. Roy Haynes, Ronnie Cuber, Toots Thielemans... all very nice, yet somehow ordinary. We missed quite a few european acts (never really went for Austrian jazz other than Joe Z), leaving some space for Maceo to save the whole thing, which he, of course, did big time.

Almost three hours of pure funk grinding, wirth Rodney Skeet Curtis of Parliament on bass, people from Bootsy's Rubberband,

JB's band... they kicked ass. In other news, I finished my part of the Metabarons book #zero, and I'm waiting to see who gets the colouring job, which I'm pretty sure will be a total fuckup unless I do it myself... But, who's asking me? The cool thing is that I'm pressure-free, just doing graphics for Crammed and treating myself to Get Smart and I Love Lucy marathons...

Junior is now taller than me! And waaaaay cooler. It's soooo gratifying to see what he does (drawings, grapihic designs) at 16... can't imagine what he'll do in a few years.

What's going on at the Graham mansion? Type a longer one soon!

Fuertes abrazos

from Z, Ivana, Z. Plus the hairy You-know-who.