Name: left to right - Jean-Pierre Pedigree (A.K.A Captain Kidnap)

Pigfoot (A.K.A Yellow, Biggies, Paddleyerowncanoe, Tote,
Riff, Banjo, RamJam Jericho)

Bosun Nathan Stools
Occcupations: Pirates

Jean-Pierre Pedigree - Ladies man, Dandy, Poser

Pigfoot - A pleasant man, fond of a quiet game of Hunt-the-Slipper or Bury-my-navel, he plays several musical instruments including lute, flute, and is Learning the newt.

Bosun Nathan Stools - Useless sailor, inept navigator, it is thought the other pirates let him join them so they could have somewhere to sit.

These three are all that remain of the crew of the pirate ship “The Painted Lady “, which was sunk by a French Frigate off Guadeloupe in 1725, and carrying a cargo of Spanish silver, rice, and 3 small bottles of Tabasco. These three escaped on a piece of decking that made a serviceable raft, floating northwards on the Gulf Stream, entering what is now known as the Bermuda Triangle on the night of the Full Moon, January 14 th 1726.

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